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Improvise a class when you're available. Make the most of your time!

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Flexibility and security, don't waste a single minute of your time.


Agreement between the student and teacher with no intermediaries.


VIDEO CALL: You can teach your students interactively and effectively, no matter where they are.


Private chat system between the teacher and the student. With contact notifications and class reservations.

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We make it easy for you to schedule your classes in an organized manner, ensuring you don't miss any session.

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How it works

Teach as much as you need. Without commissions, freely and with everything you need all in one place.

Do you need to teach without commissions and with flexibility?

At Amadeoo, give your lessons without restrictions, without additional costs, without commissions. Charge your classes directly and securely, by the minute.

Enjoy your unique workspace, with everything you need for your online classes. Offer your students a perfect, flexible and efficient service.

With Amadeoo, there are no limits to your professional and financial growth.

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How it works

Learn online whenever you want and whenever you're inspired, for as long as you need.

When do you need a class?

Amadeoo’s flexibility is unique. Learn when you’re most inspired, improvise a class, reschedule it, filter teachers based on your needs, and pay for the minutes of class you require.

Amadeoo gives you the freedom and flexibility to build your own schedule, manage your time efficiently, and learn at your own pace. There are no limits to your learning; you decide and learn at your own pace.

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Many professionals are already part of the Amadeoo community. The platform for online classes, which has changed the system: NO FEES, adapted to your needs, flexible and with everything you need. Serve your students the way they deserve!. If you are a teacher. Try Amadeoo FREE FOR 3 MONTHS

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Direct payment system from the student to the teacher. Secure payment system through guaranteed platforms with all the protection measures.
Common Questions


Here we answer some questions that students and teachers ask us.

But, if you have more questions contact us or visit How it works for Teachers or How it works for Students. is an online class platform, completely free of commissions and hidden fees, flexible for both teachers and students. Innovative in every aspect, with features like Class Now and PAY PER MINUTE CLASSES, where you can make the most of and earn for every minute of your time.

A platform designed for teachers to provide the best academic experience to their students, whenever they need it and for as long as they desire.

A space for online classes for the best education professionals who want to continue teaching with the best guarantees of quality and service.

Professional teachers on our platform register and edit their profiles. Once we have verified the data, their profile becomes public. From that moment, the teacher can start giving classes freely:

  • No need to offer free classes to the platform.
  • No mandatory discounts.
  • No commissions for your classes.

Students can contact the chosen teacher directly via chat, schedule a class on the teacher's calendar, or improvise a class if they wish.

  • Direct payment to the teacher.
  • Payment for the minutes spent teaching.
  • Improvise or schedule a class when you need to.

The cost of a class is set by each teacher depending on their experience and qualifications.

The cost of an online class can range from €0.25 per minute to €1.16 or €1.20 per minute. Everything depends on the quality of the teaching.

When choosing a teacher, consider if they meet the requirements you need: preparation for official exams, conversation, oral presentation, etc.

There are many theories, but current neuroscience tells us that the brain ends up giving more importance and space to what we do every day. So, if you want to learn a new language or improve it (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese...), you just have to practice it every day: read, listen, write, etc.

Private lessons, especially if you're starting a language or another subject from scratch, are the key!

Both scheduled and improvised classes can help a lot in this aspect because they force you to practice that learning that is gradually being memorized in our brain, even though the ideal, as we said, is to do it every day. makes it very easy for you. From our search engine, you can compare, filter, and select the teacher that best meets your expectations.

Teachers have a space to define their qualities and characteristics, skills, and experience, as well as adding their qualifications.

But also, you can chat with them before booking a class or improvising one.

A good teacher knows that to have a good private class, they must adapt to the needs and profile of the student.

In online classes, this quick adaptation is what will make the teacher and their class efficient and of quality.

Their teaching will be tailored to the student, have quick resources, and be able to improvise.

The flexibility in their teaching can only be provided by an experienced teacher.

Therefore, in online teaching, in addition to qualifications, which serve as a basis for appropriate teaching theory, experience is essential.

Everyone knows that there is a big difference between an online class and an offline class.

In online classes, we miss many things that we perceive in offline classes, so we have to compensate for them with different aspects and characteristics.

Online classes must have some characteristics that offline classes do not have. They must be more:

  • Dynamic
  • Entertaining
  • Fast
  • Agile
  • Few and clear concepts
  • Colors, graphics, and visual signals

I hope these premises have helped you become a good teacher on!

YES, with, you can improvise an online class whenever you need to.

You can see on each teacher's profile if you can have a class at that precise moment. Chat with them and start when it suits both of you.

You decide when it's convenient for you to learn and improve your knowledge online.