Class Now

Class Now is a truly revolutionary system designed to maximize your free time and that of your valuable students.


With Class Now, you can inform students who are looking for a class at the exact moment when you are available.

Class Now: The Time Management Revolution. The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility.


The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility.

  • You have complete control to enable or disable Class Now according to your needs.
  • If you’re ready to teach, simply activate it, and interested students will receive an instant notification of your availability. This means you can efficiently use those moments when you have free time to teach and assist your students.
  • During the times when you are not available, students can still interact with you in other ways.

The student can schedule a class for later or send you a message through the chat.

In both cases, you’ll receive immediate notifications so that you don’t miss any opportunities to connect with your students and provide your educational expertise.


Class Now is the tool that will transform the way you manage your classes and your time, giving you the ability to teach more efficiently and be available to your students at all times, even when your schedule is variable.

Join the Class Now revolution and take your teaching to the next level! 🌟📚🕒



Amadeoo offers you the possibility to take advantage of your time and learn whenever you need to, are inspired or have the time to do so.

What Class Now offers you:

  •  Take the class NOW, at the precise moment you need it, without having to schedule it.
  • Contact directly with the teacher who is free
  • Take the class for the minutes you need
  • Tailor the class to the budget and time you have.




In Class Now, we have implemented 3 states to help you manage your availability clearly and efficiently:

🔴 RED:

This state indicates that you are currently teaching a class and not available for new requests. You are focused on providing an excellent educational experience to your students.

When your state appears in orange, it means you are on the platform but temporarily unavailable for new students. This could be because you are busy or taking a short break, but your intention is to be available again soon.

This is the state that everyone wants to see on your profile. When you appear in green, you are fully available and ready for students to contact you at that very moment. It's the signal that you are prepared to offer your knowledge and expertise.
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