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Hello, welcome to Amadeoo, the home for teachers. We are teachers like you, and we've created Amadeoo with you in mind, aiming to provide what you need and take care of you to make this your ideal workspace.



What do you need to do to register as a teacher?

  1. Create your profile on
  2. Once we confirm that your information is correct and your profile is complete, we can upload your complete profile, and you can start working from Amadeoo.
  3. With these three steps, within 72 hours, your profile will be open on the platform, and you can start editing it.


YOUR PHOTO AND YOUR VIDEO: It's the first impression students have of you.


It’s proven that students often choose teachers who look good in the photo and are smiling.

Check out these examples of some of our teachers!


In your profile, you can provide your students with all your professional information:


At Amadeoo, we want to provide everything you need in one place, in your workspace.


We offer you a personal calendar where students can see your available hours and book a class directly.

You can modify your calendar at your convenience at any time. When a student books a class, you will need to accept it to confirm that both parties agree to the class.

You can link your account and sync your calendar with Gmail and Outlook, ensuring that your calendar is always updated automatically and conveniently for you.


At, we’ve designed a space specifically for you, where students can connect with you directly, securely, and privately.

All your conversations with each of your students are carefully stored here, allowing you to revisit previous conversations or get in touch with any of your students at any time you wish.

Even when you’re not actively on your profile ready to teach, you’ll stay informed of interactions.

We’ll notify you via email as soon as a student books a class with you or tries to contact you through our chat. This ensures you never miss a teaching opportunity and stay connected with your students.

At, we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools for an efficient and hassle-free educational experience. Join our community and experience the convenience and security of having your students at your fingertips.


At, our top priority is to provide you with the peace of mind you need to work without worries, ensuring that you receive payment for your classes immediately, directly into your account and securely, with no commissions involved.

When a class is about to start, we reserve a certain amount in the student’s account to cover the cost of your class. Once the class is completed, only the actual minutes of teaching you provided are charged. This ensures you receive fair compensation for your time and effort, with no additional fees or unpleasant surprises.

At Amadeoo, we will never impose any commission on the classes you offer. You can rest assured that 100% of the profits generated from your classes are exclusively for you.

The only cost associated with your classes will be payment gateway fees, handled by trusted providers like Stripe or PayPal. This ensures transparency and simplicity in your financial transactions.

In summary, at, we are committed to providing you with a platform that allows you to work safely and profitably, where control of your earnings is in your hands. Join us and enjoy the freedom to teach without financial worries!


🌟 Your time is precious, and we care about it. Teach and earn for every minute of your class. 🌟

The revolutionary approach of Amadeoo offers you the guarantee that you won’t lose a single minute of your time. Your per-minute rate helps the student calculate the exact cost of their class and assures you that you’ll always earn.

No one knows better than you that time is extremely valuable when you’re teaching. Our study with over 150 teachers has proven this. That’s why we’ve implemented all the changes in Amadeoo to make it easier for you to earn more with less effort.

In summary


  • Your classes are priced per minute. You’ll never lose a single minute of your time.


  • An innovative and unique solution that puts control in your hands.


  • Make the most of your time and keep earning when you are free, you decide.


Join our platform today and experience the freedom to teach without limits or commissions!


To begin using Amadeoo as a professional, you need to register and create your profile. You will receive an email in your inbox; use it to access our system and create your profile.

Please fill in all the options we provide so that students can choose your profile, knowing your specialization, qualities, skills, experience, qualifications, etc.

At Amadeoo, we want you to be the one who charges classes directly from your students, with no costs or percentages for us.

We have created this video for you to see step by step how the entire billing system for your classes works. You'll find that it's very simple, practical, and convenient.

Watch the tutorial video here

Through the internal chat on Amadeoo, you can directly contact your students, keeping a history of conversations, reservations, classes, etc.

Once a student has contacted you, you can get in touch with them again.

From your profile, you can activate the Class Now system whenever you're available to teach a class.

When you set it to red, students will know that you are not available.

Class Now System - How It Works

Whenever you want to teach a class and don't have any scheduled, use the Class Now system to make the most of your time and offer more classes. The Class Now system notifies students looking for a teacher that you are available and ready to give a class. When you activate the green button on your profile, you become visible to students seeking a class. Here's how it works:

  1. Connect Class Now in Your Profile: Activate the Class Now feature in your profile.

  2. Student Sees Your Availability and Contacts You: Students looking for a class see that you're available and contact you through the chat.

  3. Respond to the Student and Accept the Class: Respond to the student, accepting the class.

  4. Student Provides Payment Details for Minutes: The student needs to enter their payment details for the class per minutes.

  5. Verification of Data: The system verifies the entered data.

  6. Start the Class: Once everything is verified, you can start the class.

The payment system for classes is processed through secure platforms such as Stripe. You'll need to have an account open with this platform.

Before starting classes, the student must enter their details for correct billing at the end of the class.

The system verifies that the data and credit card are correct, and the class can begin.

At the end of the class, the system will charge the student for the minutes on their card, and it will be deposited into the teacher's account.

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